Folding Residencies

Folding Residencies

21.09. – 16.10.2020

As part of the ECDF project ‘Pleated Electronic Textiles’, the Wearable Computing team is currently working together with four textile and fashion design researchers developing folded electronic textiles. Focusing on knitted, woven and pleated textiles, we explore material aesthetics, sensor layouts, mechanical motion and scale of folds, taking advantage of and pushing capabilities of each of the techniques.

Emma Wood is a weaver based in Berlin. She is exploring using traditional and natural fibres such as chirimen (Japanese kimono silk) to create lightweight finely-pleated woven structures that can incorporate numerous multi-directional sensors.

Arantza Vilas is a textile artist and designer working with print and pleating techniques and processes. During the residency she is looking at bringing a sense of the “aesthetics of time” into e-textiles and how to best incorporate sensors into pleated structures.

Sophie Skach is a designer and researcher interested in textile sensors embedded in clothing. Here, she explores the many variables of machine knitting techniques to create folds that can be used to measure body movement.

In-situ Polymerisation
Pauline Vierne is a textile artist and researcher exploring unconventional materials for e-textile interfaces. She is investigating the potential of ‘DIY in-situ polymerisation’ for creating pressure and stretch sensitive textiles.