Advanced Placement Research Report

Culture Lab: Advanced Placement Project ‘Twiddletone’

This project sets out to gain information about the handling of textiles that have been electronically enhanced through a sound response related to touch. By doing this it presents differences between the fabric hand of a traditional and a sound enhanced e-textile and suggests how an audio dimension can be integrated in the design process. The question of how to design towards a mutable interaction and e-fabric hand in textile design will be addressed, under consideration of traditional evaluation of the fabric hand. The overall aim is to explore the potential of fabrics as sound interfaces, not interposed between input and output, but as “coordinators between phenomena” (Dourish, 2001) of tactile and audio experience.
A case study, informed by two pilot studies, has been conducted to detect types of touch when handling sound augmented fabrics. Results are presented in descriptions of commonalities and differences in touching behaviour, with four highlighted individual cases. Four touch types are identified as ‘strokers, scrunchers, sensor-focused and freestyle’. Finally, ideas for further studies are introduced based on the results and a textile design-led approach. The practice-based study has been conducted by a researcher with a background in e-textile design, throughout a four months long project placement in Culture Lab at Newcastle University.

This work is supported by the Media and Arts Technology programme, EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre EP/G03723X/1.

Full report PDF.