CHROME (live)

CHROME (live)

‘CHROME (live)’ is an installation that includes prints on filter paper, water, a webcam and complex colour analysis to create an extensive, yet still live performance. The work utilises the simple physical process colour chromatography, digital colour conversion and real-time sound generation to turn an edition of seemingly similar prints into individual artefacts.
Prints of black dots are soaked in water over an extended period of time. Slowly, the prints diffuse into their constituent parts creating brilliantly colourful new images.
The process is monitored by a web camera and is synthesized through a code, which converts the printed and diffused images into RGB values. According to the results of a complex colour analysis, three sine waves shape a chord and a continuous sound environment. The process can take up to 12 hours for one print.

Photos: Bram Vreven

CHROME (live) is both a development process and tool. Since the first start of this work in 2010, the artists have shown it as an installation in different formats and conducted workshops with textile students, designers and media artists.

This current installation has been co-developed by sound artist Alessandro Altavilla, architect Maik Ronz and software developer Eric Brotto. During the development of CHROME, we have been kindly supported by The London Printworks Trust, Bergen National Academy of Arts, Culture Lab Newcastle and Bergen Centre of Electronic Arts.

Work technical details
130x75cm, prints 46x57cm, Dye on filter paper, water, webcam, laptop, table, loudspeakers

The work uses Max Jitter for video analysis, and Max MSP for sound control.

Web camera: Fire-i™ Digital Camera
Computer: MacBook Pro, 10.6.8, 2.4 GHz, 4GB memory
Amplifier: LEPAI LP2020A
Speakers: 2x Visaton BS 76 8 OHM